Product Design


Smartbox is the worldwide leader in the experience gift market.
During my time there I worked as Automation and Graphic Designer on both team and individual projects.


Smartbox provides sets of gift vouchers that come in the form of a physical booklet and a dedicated online section. The customer can pick one out of hundreds of experiences, delivered in sets of thematic boxes.
Box kinds (Universes) can vary from Stays, to Adventures, to Gourmet experiences, and are identified by a colour.
As per March 2017, when I joined the company, the pagination of the booklets was still partially a manual process. Each of them required about 4 hours of work from content pagination to QA and involved 3-5 people in 5 separate steps.

Within a team of 5, I was in charge of creating automation solutions to speed up the pagination process, reduce human errors and concentrate less resources on publishing which, by then, required high volumes of seasonal staff to train each year.

The Database Publishing team developed then new workflows and templates to automate tasks and create resources for internal use: a technical know-how in Graphic Design, basic front-end development and UX design was combined to achieve the project, which is currently under constant improvement.

The visual part of boxes production in 2018 was achieved through this team-work, and the pagination of a single box went from 4 hours to about 30 minutes, with the possibility of paginating batches of dozens with the same command.


One of the individual projects I got the chance to work on, was the colour study for a brand new Universe, Culture.

By the time of this task, a final decision about the type of experiences belonging to the box wasn't taken yet, so my proposal considered both 'traditional' activities (museum tickets, city tours) and 'amusing' ones (segway tours, circus tickets).

The outcome originates from a research on Gestalt psychology, Brand Personality and its relationship with colour.

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